Embark Healthcare Launches Two New Repurposed Drug Companies

NEW YORK, NY – December 2, 2019 –Embark Healthcare announced today the launch of two new repurposed drug companies, Woolsey Pharmaceuticals and Learmont Pharmaceuticals. 

EMBARK HEALTHCARE is made up of a diverse group of companies within the pharmaceutical industry. While each is unique in the field of medicine it is pursuing, all are “Indication Discovery Companies,” meaning they identify new therapeutic opportunities for existing drugs. We don’t discover drugs. We discover new ways to use existing drugs.

WOOLSEY PHARMACEUTICALS’ repurposed drug, BRAVYL® (Fasudil), will target rare neurodegenerative diseases. 

LEARMONT PHARMACEUTICALS is focused on treating rare cancers using novel combination therapies. The company’s first drug, LORAZOL®, is a repurposed combination of two drugs (Monobenzone and Imiquimod) that has shown efficacy in treating late-stage melanoma. 

Clinical studies in both BRAVYL and LORAZOL are expected to begin in 2020.


Embark Healthcare is a privately-held corporation whose mission it is to provide big pharma with late-stage repurposed therapies; help speed availability of these vital, life-saving, life-changing medicines to patients in need, while delivering shareholder value. EMBARK HEALTHCARE. HEALTH. CARING.


Embark Healthcare

Sven Jacobson