Embark Healthcare’s New Name Reflects Emphasis on Repurposing Therapeutics

NEW YORK, NY – December 2, 2019 – After almost two decades since its inception, Carrot Capital Healthcare Partners announces a corporate name change to Embark Healthcare. 

The new name better reflects our role as an “Indications Discovery Company.” Embark Healthcare doesn’t discover new drugs. Instead, we discover new ways to use existing drugs for other indications and then advances those drugs into late-stage development programs.

“As we’ve transformed, it has become apparent that the corporate name no longer embodies our mission,” says David Geliebter, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Embark Healthcare. “We aspire to help find cures for the more than 400 million people worldwide who suffer from 7,000 diseases that have no effective treatment.”

“The word Embark is defined as to begin a course of action, a journey, especially one that is important or demanding, and that’s precisely what it takes to repurpose drugs,” notes Sven Jacobson, co-founder and CEO of Embark Healthcare. “While the work is demanding, the rewards are tremendous. There isn’t anything else we’d rather do.”

To help launch the new name, the company has a new website: www.embarkhc.com which details the company, the team and the four pharmaceutical companies that make up its corporate pharmaceutical portfolio.


Embark Healthcare is a privately-held corporation whose mission it is to provide big pharma with late-stage repurposed therapies; help speed availability of these vital, life-saving, life-changing medicines to patients in need, while delivering shareholder value. EMBARK HEALTHCARE. HEALTH. CARING.


Embark Healthcare

Sven Jacobson